Repair services

Legacy Seismometers STS-2 and STS-1

We provide information and help but we don't provide repair services anymore.
Cables for STS-2 are still available.
Any other spare parts are obsolete and not available anymore.

Prior to Shipping

After consulting Troubleshooting you continue to have an issue with a sensor. If you haven't already contacted our support please do it now. Some issues can be dealt with on site with remote help from us.

Please provide as much information as possible, at least the items on the following list:

  • Your name, e-mail and complete address of your organization
  • Seismometer type and serial number
  • The handling of the sensor prior to the failure (transport, installation, ...)
  • Environmental conditions (wet installation site, temporary flooding, extreme temperatures, ...)
  • Weather phemomenon as a possible cause of the failure (lightnings nearby, ...). Is any other equipment damaged as well?
  • Available data, distorted seismograms, ...

The more information you can provide the better we can help. Any support is handled by Kinemetrics Inc.

Shipping a Sensor

Please contact Kinemetrics or one of their repre­sen­tatives prior to any shipment.

We reserve the right to reject instruments shipped without prior notice.

Each repair will be charged with a basic fee. This includes a complete test, an actual calibration certificate and minor repair. Additional repair is charged on top.
We provide a cost estimation upon request.

Please use the complete original package (Box-in-Box) or at least something equally well suited. Provide the cable and the hostbox as well. This can also be the cause of the failure. Mark the package with the shipper's and our addresses securely fixed on the outside. "Delicate" (Fragile) and TOP signs (⬆⬆) must be visible on all four sides.

Any damage caused by shipping falls into the responsibility of the customer.

In order to help your package through customs we advise you to provide the necessary documents (at least a pro forma invoice). The documents must include the shipper's and our addresses and a description of the shipped goods ("Seismometer", serial number, harmonized code 9015.8000). The value for customs purpose shall be of a reasonable amount (as a guideline 10% of the original value). You must obtain a RMA number prior to the shipping (Return Merchandise Authorization). This number shall be present on all documents.
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NotifyLutz Wiesner, +41 52 315 67 00
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