STS-2 (legacy product)


Despite its age, the STS-2 is still a high performance broadband-seismometer. Three versions exist: Standard, High Gain and Low Power. The latter is the most common one.

Although the sensor is obsoleted since 2010 we still provide a limited support. Repairs however are not possible anymore.


  • First available triaxial broadband seismometer
  • Manufactured between 1991 und 2010
  • Only very limited support
    (Cables and hostboxes are available until we run out of stock)


Sensor element arrangement

Galperin-type three component



Frequency Range

120 s (8.33 mHz)  - 50 Hz


1'500 Vs/m (standard and low power version), 20'000 Vs/m (high gain version)

Signal Outputs

Seismic Signals: ±20 V diffe­rential (40 Vpp), 220 Ω Impedance, Auxiliary signals: ±10 V single ended, 1 kΩ Impedance


Control lines (Fast Response, Calibration), POS/​​RAW), 3-30 V, 0.5 mA. Button for Centering (Hostbox)

Power Supply

10-30 VDC, galva­nically isolated. 0.55 W typical, 2.0 W maximum (standard & high gain: 1.0 W / 3.0 W)

Tilt Range (operating)


Tilt Range (adjustable)

±5°, manually adjustable feet

Centering Range


No centering Temperature Range


Environmental Conditions

-20°C .. +70°C (performance), -40°C .. +70°C (functional), 0-100% RH


external hostbox, monitor connector


Aluminum, IP-67

Size (∅ x h), Weight

235 mm x 260 mm, 12 kg (9.25" x 10.2", 26.4 lbs)

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