Technology of Seismic Sensors

How does a seismometer works? What's the difference between a seismometer and a seismograph? Explore the technology of seismometers.

Horst Rademacher, geophysicist and professor at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, teaches on the basis of a simplified model how a seismometer works.


(Wielandt, E., Wechselwirkungen, almanac of training and research of the university of Stuttgart, Germany, 1992)

Prof. Erhard Wielandt explains how a seismometer works and the difference between a seismometer and a seismograph. This paper uses an easily understandable language. (De)

The Leaf Spring Seismometer

(Wielandt, E. & Streckeisen, G. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 1982)

Construction, functionality and measurement results of the first vertical STS-1 seismometer.

A digital very broadband Seismograph

(Wielandt, E., Steim, J.M. Annales Geophysicae, 1986)

Advancing the STS-1 to a novel digital Very-Broadband-Seismo­graph.

Seismic Sensors and their Calibration

(Wielandt E. New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice, Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam, 2010)

Prof. Erhard Wielandt's paper providing a thorough mathematical and physical description of a seismometer.

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